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Space Force Director to Speak at MAMA’s North American Space Summit in Traverse City

Space Force Director to Speak at MAMA’s North American Space Summit in Traverse City

Sterling Heights, Michigan, Aug. 4, 2022 – The Michigan Aerospace Manufacturers Association, or MAMA, will welcome U.S. Space Force Director of Staff Lt. Gen. Nina Armagno as a keynote speaker for its Fifth annual North American Space Summit Oct. 2-4 at Grand Traverse Resort in Traverse City, Michigan. 

Armagno is the only person to have commanded both launch wings in the U.S. Air Force and is the first woman general officer commissioned in the Space Force, a new branch of the armed services focused on organizing, training and equipping the U.S. to conduct global space operations. She is responsible for coordinating policies, plans, positions and procedure issues for Space Force staff.  

Armagno’s military career spans more than three decades in various defense and space operation leadership roles within the Air Force and now Space Force. Prior to her current role, Armagno was the director of Space Programs at the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Acquisition, where she oversaw the development of space programs, working with the Air Force, Secretary of Defense, Congress and White House. 

Armagno also served as the director of plans and policy at Offutt Air Force Base where she was responsible for the development and implementation of national security policies and guidance, military strategy as well as space and weapons employment policies and concepts. 

“We are honored to have Lt. Gen. Nina Armagno speak at this year’s North American Space Summit and excited attendees will have an opportunity to hear from one of the most influential space leaders in the U.S.,” MAMA Executive Director Gavin Brown said. “The summit will offer attendees a chance to learn about innovative trends and technology, build significant partnerships as well as how to adapt and grow their organizations in this growing $447 billion industry.

“We’re focused on where the space industry is going, not where it has been. The summit will reflect that by offering educational sessions on unique and emerging trends in the industry, a platform for contractors to brief attendees on opportunities for partnerships on current and planned projects as well as networking events.” 

The two-day summit, also known as the NASS, will feature influential leaders in aerospace, government, national security, automotive, academia and more on initiatives in new technology, capabilities, services and innovation in hypersonic materials and vehicles as well as low-Earth orbit, or LEO.  

Hypersonic technology refers to commercial and defense applications designed to travel at minimum speeds of Mach 5, or nearly 3,800 miles per hour at sea level. Hypersonic technology has the opportunity to change numerous applications such as commercial travel, supply chain and defense initiatives. This technology has become a trending topic in the U.S. as demand for research and development ramps up to keep pace with Russia and China, which have already made key advancements.  

LEO is the area just above Earth’s atmosphere, up to 1,200 miles in altitude, where the majority of satellites are found – and demand for more continues to rise. Many satellites launched into LEO are meant to improve daily life, such as voice and data communication, global Internet access, autonomous vehicle networks and weather monitoring. 

“The U.S. space ecosystem is in an era of tremendous growth that represents unparalleled opportunities,” Brown said. “What makes this more exciting, and different, than other moments in the space industry is that the collaboration between the private and public sectors has never been stronger. Our goal for this year’s NASS is to offer a platform to educate the industry on how they can take advantage of these exciting times.”  

For more information and to register, visit For Armagno’s full biography and photo, click here

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